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Semi TRuck Bed Bug 

Get Bed Bugs out of your semi in 24 hrs.


Did Bed Bugs Take Over Your Semi Truck?

Find out why "THERMAL REMEDIATION" is the best way to get rid of bed bugs!

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I have Bed Bugs in my Semi Truck... they suck

Bed Bugs are never fun to have to deal with, especially when they are in the vehicle you drive all day and also sleep in frequently. Its like having a 24hr buffet, where everyone and their 6th cousins are invited. Plus a semi truck has many more places for them to hide and lay their eggs. It's not your standard 4 walled bedroom, so standard Bed Bug chemical treatments usually fail even more often. The best way to really get to all those extra areas that bed bugs can get into, while in a semi truck, is by using HEAT.

How do I get Bed Bugs out of my semi truck?

Before doing anything yourself, honestly you should contact a local Bed Bug expert, like ourselves. Many people waste money or stress themselves beyond belief by waiting. Our Semi Truck Bed Bug Heat Treatments are quick and get you back on the road, driving and sleeping comfortably again.   

Our Semi Truck Bed Bug Heat Treatment works like this:



TitleTown Pest Pros
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday
Office: (920)-422-7378
Bed Bugs: (920)-609-9801
24 Hour Emergency Service Available
Pest Control Special 

SAVE 20%

(General Bug or Rodent Initial Treatment)

*first time customers only*

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Pest Control Special 

SAVE 40%

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Gift Certificates 

$50, $100, $150

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Multiple amounts available

1. Schedule a load pickup/drop-off near Green Bay, WI

2. Drive your semi to our office (Free shuttle service to motel/hotel)

3. We get to work and kill all your bed bugs in 24hrs, GUARENTEED! 

4. You get back out on the road!

How do I schedule a Bed Bug Dog Inspection?

Although we love everything about Bed Bugs, here at TitleTown Pest Pros, we don't actually own a Bed Bug Dog. We work regularly with a well respected and trusted name in the industry, to provide this service. Maintaining an effective Bed Bug Dog requires more care then most people realize, and we prefer to leave it to, in our opinion, the best Bed Bug dog in Green Bay. Most companies that use scent detection in their search for Bed Bugs, also provide other pest control services. Sandberg K9 Solutions in Green Bay, WI, however, does not. That allows them to specialize in Bed Bug dog inspections, in a way, unlike other pest control companies. 

Who is Sandberg K9 Solutions?

Jon and his super sniffer dog Chester are real combatants in the war on Bed Bugs, here in Green Bay and surrounding areas. They have been featured on the local news and in various articles for their extensive work in the pest control industry. Together the two help to identify Bed Bugs in Homes, Schools, Dormitories, Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals, Vehicles and many more places.

Chester himself, was trained at the prestigious Iron Heart High Performance Working Dogs facility, located outside of Kansas City. It is one of only two nationally recognized training facilities by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA). His training, in companionship to Jon, has resulted to Chester sniffing out thousands of Bed Bugs in the Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, Manitowoc, Shawano, and surrounding areas. 

Jon is an empathetic guy, that is very passionate about what he does. Through his time in the industry, he has seen some of the worst Bed Bug Infestations and what they can do to a person's life. Jon likes his customers to know that he is someone that cares about their situation and truly does want to help them. He not only assists Chester in discovering Bed Bugs, but he also teaches his customers awareness of their situation, to ensure they can successfully eliminate their Bed Bugs. 

The Bottom Line is a Bed Bug Dog Inspection requires both the dog and the trainer to be alert and responsive of one another while working together. We believe that Jon and Chester at Sandberg K9 Solutions, does just that exceptionally!

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Sandberg K9 Solutions LLC
- Chester and Jon -
What is the best way to find Bed Bugs?
What are some benefits for using a Bed Bug Detection Dog?
  • They Can Detect Bed Bugs Inside Of Objects

  • All Life Stages Can Be Detected

  • Highly Accurate Findings

  • They Can Inspect An Area Faster

  • Capable Of Pro-Active Approach 

  • Early Infestation Detection

Why Are Bed Bug Detection Dogs Not Always Effective?
  • They Require Extensive on-going training alongside working

  • Other Animals scent can throw them off

  • Treat Reward Dogs can Be Hungry while inspecting

  • They get tired and don't want to work 

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