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Green Bay Pest Control

Find out why "THERMAL REMEDIATION" is the best way to get rid of bed bugs!

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Milder climates in recent years around Green Bay have made it so that you have to deal with a variety of pests more frequently. TitleTown Pest Pros offers affordable pest control in Green Bay. We deal with everything from bed bugs to more exotic creatures like boxelder bugs. Work with TitleTown Test Pros to get a free quote on getting your pest problem resolved. All of our methods of pest removal are safe for you and your family and can be taken care of in as little as 24 hours.

Green Bay Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are a common problem for homeowners. Believe it or not, carbon dioxide is a big attractor for bed bugs. Carbon dioxide indicates to the bed bug that there is a potential source of food nearby. Bed bugs need nutrients found in the blood of humans and animals to survive. Bed bugs can come from a wide variety of different places and even show up in brand new homes. Some of the ways bed bugs come into a home include:

  • Through clothes, luggage, or furniture from a place where there was a previous infestation.

  • From work or school

  • From a neighbor's property if their home is located fairly close to yours.

TitleTown Pest Pros can take care of your bed bug infestation within twenty-four hours. We primarily offer a heat treatment that will help kill your bed bugs at a temperature of approximately 113°F. Our 24 Hour Slow Bake System is guaranteed to get you the results that you need and will keep the pests from coming back.

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Green Bay Interior & Exterior Pest Control

As your local pest control company, TitleTown Pest Pros can assist you with a wide variety of different infestations throughout the year. The typical Wisconsin home will host more than 100 different types of insects or spiders. We can treat the interior of your home to get rid of pests that are behind furniture, inside walls, and in areas of your home that you might not suspect. You might also have wasps, hornets, or spiders around the outside of your home. We can treat these pests and make sure that your home is 100% pest free. Here are some of the different pests that you can expect throughout the year in Wisconsin:

  • Fall & Winter: Cold weather and snow will drive pests indoors. In recent years, winters have been exceptionally mild, which leads to Asian lady beetles and sink bugs. It is also fairly common for homeowners to notice that boxelder bugs and carpenter ants may be prevalent around their home during the fall.

  • Spring: During the spring months, it may be common to see a wide variety of different pests. The most common will be Ants, termites, mosquitoes, and bed bugs.

  • Summer: In the summer, you will probably find the greatest need for pest control. Some of the common pests in Wisconsin include mosquitoes, stinging insects (like wasps, bees, and hornets), flies, and even termites.

Pest Control in Green Bay Wisconsin

If you are looking for a trusted exterminator to work with, we are located in Green Bay, WI, but are able to drive to Green Bay. We can travel to your home in as little as a half hour to make sure that your pests are dealt with. We are 100% safe when dealing with your pest infestations. We have discounted prices available. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you.


"We had a ant invasion of our home & the problem was getting worse. We tried every treatment available that could be bought at the store and nothing was resolving the problem. I called Matt & he was here in a few days. He explained the treatment, how safe the chemicals are to pets & humans but deadly to ants. Since the treatment, NO MORE ANTS!!!! Plus I got a 90 day guarantee, which I doubt I will use. Highly recommend this company."

~ Leslie ~


The TTLPP Guarantee:

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if problem is not solved

  • If pests return between regular on-going treatments, TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros will return at no extra charge

  • If you are not satisfied with the service you receive don't pay,.. PERIOD



Our specialized IPM programs are 100% SAFE and 100% EFFECTIVE. Despite our profession we do still have a deep love for insects and animals, so anytime a life can be saved we will choose that option. We also never expect you to have to touch your pest, live or dead. They will always be removed by TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros and properly disposed of or released into their natural environment. When chemicals are used they are pro-green products (unless otherwise stated), meaning our chemicals are safe for kids, pets, and do not stain.

If you think you might be dealing with a Bug or Rodent infestation in your home or business or want to prevent it before it starts, call TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros today for your 100% FREE ESTIMATE


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5 star rated on thumbtack
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